Transmission service provider, Pro-Tech Transmissions is the best transmission shop in the state of Arizona. Their team promises quality service on every make and model ensuring a smooth driving experience for the customer.

The transmission is one of the most critical components for ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of a vehicle. Hence, without proper maintenance, its processes can be hindered, with noticeable effects on the quality of a car’s ride. Transmission problems usually cause extreme grinding noises, gear slipping, hard shifting, and other serious interruptions to one’s driving making transmission service a crucial part of auto servicing.

Their signature transmissions rebuild, and repair service is what gives Pro-Tech Transmissions an edge as an automotive company, allowing them the confidence to offer customers the best warranty in the business. Their 3 years of 36,000 miles warranty is unmatched by other transmission service providers in Arizona simply due to the confidence that Pro-Tech Transmissions has in their experts.

Usually, transmission repair or rebuild services can be time-consuming as the majority of service providers take more than two weeks to complete the job. Not only is this troubling for the owner of the car, but it is also a waste of time, money, and energy spent on arranging other transport arrangements. At Pro-Tech Transmissions, the management understands how important a vehicle is to its owner, which is why the services that they offer are efficiently speedy. All transmission services are completed within a maximum of two days, which is a fact that the team at Pro-Tech Transmissions takes pride in.

In terms of services, they beat their competitor’s prices and outshine services with the best workers in the field. They offer services for all types of transmissions from standard manuals, to imports, high performance, or sports cars. Their wide range of expert services include differentials, and transfer cases, with other minor repairs such as brakes, starters, and alternators.

Additionally, Pro-Tech Transmissions also honors extended warranties to provide their customer with the best experience possible. In addition to the best transmission warranty in Arizona, Pro-Tech Transmissions also offers free vehicle diagnostic for the peace of mind of the customer. Other than this, customers can get their car towed if needed, for free with major repairs (up to $100 in value). For anyone looking for Phoenix transmission repair services, Pro-Tech Transmissions is always the #1 choice.

About the company:

Pro-Tech Transmissions in Phoenix, Arizona is a group of enthusiastic, customer service-oriented transmission experts and specialists. They are a family-owned business and have been working on transmissions their entire lives. As a team, they have the expertise to work on any car and any type of transmission to the satisfaction of their customer. 

Please contact us for any issues with your vehicle or if you have any questions. 

Phone: (602) 978-9201