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Free Car Diagnostic in Phoenix Not only do we have the best transmission warranty in Arizona… 3 years or 36,000 miles… … But if …


Free Towing (up to $100 value) with Major Auto Repair Along with our unbeatable warranty of 3 years or 36,000 miles, we’ll gladly tow your …


We don’t just have the best warranty in Arizona, at 3 years or 36,000 miles… We also offer 5% up to $100 off any major …

Who Are Pro-Tech Transmissions in Phoenix?

Let’s be completely honest for a moment. Getting your car worked on by anyone is a very personal experience and is one that comes with a lot of distrust and skepticism.

Obviously, that distrust stems from a lot of negative experiences customers have had with different mechanics in the past that have promised they will fix whatever problem is ailing their personal vehicle only to find out that the quality of work was not up to par, or the problem wasn’t fixed at all.

The process usually comes with a lot of high pressure salesmanship to boot, always trying to “fix” other problems that they just happened to “come across” while they were working.

Why does every mechanic find problems in a completely different area than the one they were asked to inspect?

At Pro Tech Transmissions we do one thing very well: fix transmissions.


We have worked on transmissions our entire lives and have no interest in anything other than providing the very best transmission repair shop available in the Valley.
We are aware of the competition and are confident in ourselves and our ability to outshine any of our competitors.

We provide unprecedented and unparalleled quality in our work, and our work speaks for itself. That’s why we have an incredible 3 year / 36,000 mile warranty.

Free Towing

We are confident enough in ourselves to even offer a free towing (up to $100 value) of your vehicle, anywhere in the valley, to our shop to have major repairs fixed.

How often have you been in THAT position? Your baby drops its transmission, you know it will be expensive to fix, and on top of that expense, you have to pay to have it towed to a shop.

The ultimate inconvenience.

We’ve got you covered.

Best Transmission Warranty in Arizona

We also have a warranty that is unheard of in the Valley: 3 years or 36,000 miles.

We understand how crazy that makes us sound, but we don’t care. We only care about providing quality work to each and every customer and each and every vehicle that comes in to our shop.

Our work is a direct reflection of who we are, and we want that image to shine brighter than any other would-be competitor. That may be a challenge for us, but we are up to the task.

We love a good challenge!

And, when the work is complete, it will speak for itself.

Free Transmission Diagnostic

We also offer a free diagnostic test on your vehicle. We need to know exactly what is wrong with your vehicle and exactly the area we need to focus on before we begin working on your vehicle.

We don’t consider this part of the “job”, which is why it is free to you.

It’s kind of like a building contractor that comes to your house and surveys your sand storm damaged rooftop to determine exactly where he needs to repair it and also to determine how much time it should take and the how much the labor will cost you.

Has he fixed anything yet, or even lifted a hammer to repair the problem yet? Of course he hasn’t. He’s simply providing you an estimate.

This is a necessary start to the process, but the work has yet to commence.

We are in the same boat with you. We don’t want to pay the contractor to “look” at the problem. We want to pay him to fix the problem, which is why we would never charge anyone to take a snap-shot of the problem with your vehicle.

Free looks, always.

“Transmission Repair Phoenix”

Phoenix is sprawling. Massive is maybe a more accurate adjective to describe its vastness! We love it as much as you do.

Our city has some of the straightest, most easy to navigate roads of any major city in the U.S. but those roads are long and seemingly endless at times.

We want to provide service to the ends of each one of those roads, which is why we serve the entire Valley.

No matter if you live in Sun City West or East Mesa. Whether you are in West Goodyear or Northeast Scottsdale, we cover it all.

Every square inch of our beautiful Valley is provided the same quality work by our service professionals. We will come get your car wherever it is in the entire Valley.

That is how much we want to provide you with quality repair and services!

5% up to $100 Off Major Transmission Repairs

So, have you ever come across a group of crazy mechanics that want to give you money before?

We didn’t think so, because that’s crazy. Insane.

We like crazy. We dig insane. We are strangely comfortable with those labels.

We like standing apart from the competition, and what better way to do that than by offering you immediate money back into your pocket?

That wasn’t a misprint. You read correctly. We really do want to give you money back just for the opportunity to work on your vehicle.

For any major repair, which we understand is going to be expensive no matter where you have your car worked on, we want to give you back 5% up to $100.

Can you think of any other transmission shop that is willing to do that anywhere in the Valley? We don’t know of one.

We want to establish confidence and trust with our customers and we understand how much faith it requires to let any mechanic do major transmission work.

So, please, let us give you back some money and hopefully that will help establish a little bit of confidence for you in our ability to do the job, and do it right!

Family Owned Transmission Shop in Phoenix

The label “Family Owned and Operated” doesn’t necessarily correlate with quality per se. It is a label that is taken advantage of by a lot of mechanic shops. We know this.

We understand how that label is thrown around as though a group of family members working on transmissions automatically equates to quality craftsmanship.

This label means more to us than that. It means we know our individual strengths and our individual weaknesses, which there are very few of, but let’s face it: we are still human.

But that close family bond is extremely useful when combining our collective knowledge, strengths and abilities and applying it to working on your transmission. That may sound cheesy, but we’re OK with that.

We love what we do, and sometimes that love of our work comes across as cheesy.

We like gushing over transmissions. We’ve been doing it for over 50 years.

You’ll get used to it too!

Financing Your Transmission Repair

So, we know that everyone has problems. Not only with their vehicles, but life in general.

We get it. We have problems too.

We are not perfect, which is why we have partnered up with Easypay Finance to offer financing upon approval, 6-12 months with no interest.

We don’t want anything to stop you from letting us fix your transmission.

We don’t care about your credit history. We just want to help you get back on the road in your baby as soon as possible.

We also will honor most vehicles’ extended warranties.

We’re Just a Phoenix Transmission Shop

Your transmission and its primary function is absolutely paramount to your vehicles’ ability to run smoothly. We are very aware of how important this function is to your vehicle.

We are also sadly very aware from witnessing shoddy work by other transmission “professionals” how badly this type of repair can be done.

We approach every transmission as though it was our own. We want our vehicles to run like a charm and smoothly get us from one end of the valley, or country, to the other.

This requires quality transmission maintenance. And that is ALL we do.

Because quality is ALL we care about. Period. End of Story!

Give us a call. We want to help. (602) 978-9201

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