Transfer Case Service in Phoenix

We serve the entire Valley. No matter if you live in Sun City West or East Mesa. Whether you are in West Goodyear or Northeast Scottsdale, we cover it all. Every square inch of our beautiful Valley is provided the same quality work by our service professionals. We will come get your car wherever it is in the entire Valley. That is how much we want to provide you with quality repair and services!

Transfer Case Repair Service in Phoenix, AZ

From pulling trailers to leading off-road adventures, four-wheel-drive cars and trucks go through tough situations. Though they are mighty, even the most durable vehicle needs a tune-up every so often. ― Whether you need routine maintenance, complete transfer case replacement, or rebuilt transmission, stop by Pro-Tech Transmissions for the best transmission service in Phoenix.

Symptoms of Transfer Case Issues

Even when driving with four-wheel drive, engaging frequently, and putting countless miles on your vehicle, there is a probability that you will not notice any warning signs. Some of the common symptoms motioning you to repair your transfer case include:

  • Shifting in and out of four-wheel drive
  • Grinding noises
  • Gears won’t shift easily
  • Leaking fluid
  • Driving over 30,000 miles

If any of these symptoms occur, schedule a visit immediately. These symptoms could quickly lead to a transfer case and transmission failure. A quick visit could mean the difference between repairing and completely replacing your transfer case. As these symptoms may be hard to notice, bring your vehicle to a mechanic if you have driven over 30,000 miles without maintenance.

Rebuilt or Repair Transfer Case

Maintaining your transfer case is important. While replacing your transfer case fluid is complicated, it is a necessary step in ensuring a long, hassle-free life for your four-wheel or all-wheel-drive vehicle. At Pro-Tech Transmissions, our highly trained mechanics are educated to rebuild a transfer case professionally. They first empty your transfer case fluid, spot any additional issues through the assessment of your transfer case quality, then refill, repair, or recommend a replacement.

Newly Installed Transfer Case

A transfer case is a critical part of any all-wheel-drive or four-wheel-drive vehicle. They are a powerful part that can be activated to lock the front and rear driveshafts together to force all four wheels to spin at an even speed. A transfer case is what gives you traction on every wheel. Whether the fluid additives have worn out or gears and other parts have worn down or broken, it is important to replace your entire transfer case. Extended use of this system, particularly when turning or driving on concrete, can quickly wear out a transfer case. If your four-wheel-drive is no longer working, there is a probability that you need a new transfer case. If you are in the Phoenix Valley, stop by to get a full repair or replacement. We back our work with the best warranty in the entire state; 3 years or 36,000 miles of driving.

Transfer Case Services: What Is Included

When you choose the best in the business, you can expect some premium perks. Get your transfer case repaired or replaced at Pro-Tech Transmissions, and receive these excellent benefits:

  • Free towing (up to $100 value) with major repair services
  • Free external computer diagnostic on your vehicle
  • The best warranty in the state
  • Honor any extended warranties

From tourists to lifelong residents of Phoenix, we offer excellent benefits, friendly service, and expert repairs. From transmissions and transfer cases to oil changes and tire rotations, we do it all.

Call Pro-Tech Transmissions

Today No problem is too big or small. Whether you need a tow or a simple diagnostic test, contact us today and discover why we have the best transmission service in Phoenix. Do not let your transfer case go too long without maintenance, nor an inexperienced mechanic attempt to replace with a short warranty. Our dedicated team of highly trained professionals is happy to fix your problem, allowing you to hit the trails, pulling a trailer, or any other job that takes the power and traction of four-wheel drive.

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