Claim Your 5% up to $100 Off Transmission Service Coupon

So, have you ever come across a group of crazy mechanics that want to give you money before? We didn’t think so, because that’s crazy. Insane. We like crazy. We dig insane. We are strangely comfortable with those labels. We like standing apart from the competition, and what better way to do that than by offering you immediate money back into your pocket? That wasn’t a misprint. You read correctly. We really do want to give you money back just for the opportunity to work on your vehicle. For any major repair, which we understand is going to be expensive no matter where you have your car worked on, we want to give you back 5% up to $100 (minimum $1,000 repair). Can you think of any other transmission shop that is willing to do that anywhere in the Valley? We don’t know of one. We want to establish confidence and trust with our customers and we understand how much faith it requires to let any mechanic do major transmission work. So, please, let us give you back some money and hopefully that will help establish a little bit of confidence for you in our ability to do the job, and do it right!

5% up to $100 off (minimum $1,000 repair)

We don’t just have the best warranty in Arizona, at 3 years or 36,000 miles…

We also offer 5% up to $100 off any major repair (minimum $1,000 repair), instantly!

Just mention this “Golden Ticket” and get your 5% up to $100 (minimum $1,000 repair) off right away.

We service the entire Phoenix Valley.  If you need to get here, we’ll tow you for free (up to $100 value) with major repairs.

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