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We have worked on transmissions our entire lives and have no interest in anything other than providing the very best transmission repair shop available in the Valley. We are aware of the competition and are confident in ourselves and our ability to outshine any of our competitors. We provide unprecedented and unparalleled quality in our work, and our work speaks for itself. That’s why we have an incredible 3 year / 36,000 mile warranty.

Transmission Repair Shop in Phoenix

,Of all the transmission shops near Phoenix, why choose us?

ProTech Transmission Shop

Here are six reasons, plus a whole lot more:

1. We have the best warranty in all of Arizona. Our warranty speaks for itself. It speaks volumes about our work. We guarantee 3 years or 36,000 miles.

If we’re willing to guarantee our work longer than anyone else, what does that tell you about the level of attention, detail and care we put into your vehicle’s transmission?

This reason alone is enough to get the best transmission repair you’ve ever had from our most trusted service.

So give us a call at (602) 978-9201 and bring in your car so we can diagnose it for free.

2. Over 50 years of experience in the industry.

3. We give you a free diagnostic when you bring your vehicle in.  100% free, no strings attached.

4. We offer 5% up to $100 off instantly  (minimum $1,000 repair), which means that our prices — as well as our work — can’t be beat. And we’ll match anyone’s price. Just show us their lower price and we’ll beat it.

5. We will tow you for free (up to $100 value) from wherever you are (in Arizona) to our shop with major repair services.

6. We honor most vehicles’ extended warranties.

We’re people just like you. We don’t like horror stories or taking advantage of people. We believe in being up front, open, communicative. You know… the way we’d like to be treated when we we’re at a mechanic’s.

Our aim, as we’ve pointed out on our Google profile, is to be the most trusted,  Phoenix area transmission shop.

We want you to feel safe and comfortable and trusting of our skills.

The quote, “Sunlight is the best disinfectant,” is what we live by. You’ll know what you’re getting, you’ll be please with how open we are and how we talk to you.

“The most credible and respected organizations operate in an atmosphere of avowed openness.” So says Louis Grumet of the CPA Journal.

So, whatever we can do to make you comfortable and certain that we’re your go-to transmission shop in Phoenix, we’ll do it.

We want you to tell your friends, your family, and anyone who needs an out-of-this-world mechanic. Or write us positive reviews on our Google or Yelp pages. That’s how good we want to be to you and the entire East Valley community.

We want to bring a new standard of excellence in customer service and transmission knowledge to the state. That’s our goal… to be known for being exceptional in every possible way in transmission repair.

Already, our prices are lower than anyone else’s, and we offer the best warranty you’ll find anywhere to prove our skills are so good.

So how do you choose among the top transmission shops in the Valley? Where is the best place for transmission repair in Phoenix, Arizona?

Best is never alphabetical. Instead, wouldn’t it be great to sort the list, instead of alphabetically, by

  • Transparency (won’t pull a fast one on you)
  • Best warranty
  • Best service
  • Most pleasant experience

… or any other way?

Phoenix transmission repair shop reviews

We don’t come up first in the list, but we do know we’re first in customer service, knowledge and guarantee.

Now, if more people actually took the time to write a review…

If you’re wondering “Where can I get my transmission rebuilt or buy a rebuilt transmission?” you’ve come to the right place, as we show by our skills and service, and by the amount of giving and care we put into our work.

So come on by or give us a buzz now: (602) 978-9201

We’re happy to serve you from the bottom of our hearts and our deep knowledge of all vehicle transmissions.

Do you have a favorite among all the transmission shops in Phoenix that you would point us to to learn from and increase our standard of excellence by? If so, let us know. It would help us out a lot.

We listen to customers’ feedback and always strive to improve.

There’s a reason we’re saying we’re the best here at Pro-Tech Transmissions…

This isn’t just embellishment, or a lack of humility – it’s us telling you that no one in the Phoenix Valley does transmission service like us. But, don’t take our word for it – stop by our shop in Phoenix, or give us a call, and find out exactly what makes us the best.

So, onto our little lesson:

What is a transmission?

A transmission is a collection of gears and devices that take kinetic energy from a power source, like the engine of a car, or the pedals of a bicycle, and translate it into torque, which is the technical name for the force with which a wheel turns.

That being said, it’s this part from which the force from the engine turns into the force that turns your wheels that’s complicated – translating all that requires a number of various parts and regulatory bodies.

How does my car’s transmission work?

So, let’s take a step back. In the case of a car, the power unit is the engine.

This engine works through the stimulation of several pistons within a crankcase, which in turn exact force onto a crankshaft – and thus a flywheel – forcing it to rotate. These rotations can be measured on the dashboard of several vehicles, and are usually shown as rpm (rotations/revolutions per minute). As an example, Formula 1 engines used to run at 18,000 rpm maximally, but now are limited to 15,000 due to restrictions.

These rotations per minute are translated into torque, which in turn is measured in feet or pounds, and affect the actual speed your vehicle moves at, which further depends on air resistance, weight, and other factors.

This translation is made through the use of shifting gears, some smaller, some larger – the larger a gear, the more it turns high rpm into high torque (meaning the car has a lot of power behind the turn, but a lower drive speed – good for, say, going up a hill) by spinning slower than the crankcase, whereas smaller gears turn lower rpm into faster, more efficient speed (meaning higher drive speed – good for a highway, or other roads of low resistance, unless it’s winter and you’re on ice and snow).

Switching between gears lets you regulate how you turn your crankshaft’s rpm into torque, and in turn how much power and speed you work with. Pretty simple, right? Keep in mind that another factor is the gas pedal, which regulates how much fuel you feed your engine, and thus, your rpm.

Then, there’s the clutch. The clutch is a mechanism on manual transmissions that has to be activated every time you shift gears – it allows you to pull out of the transmission’s current mechanism before shifting and engaging onto a different gear – the higher the gear number, the smaller the gear’s size, and thus the lower the torque and the higher the drive speed.

Automatic transmissions do the job of the clutch automatically through the use of hydraulic fluid, which is pushed through the transmission and applies pressure depending on transmission speeds, thus switching between gears without forcing the user to manually disengage and engage the clutch.

At Pro-Tech, we deal with all kinds of transmissions, on a multitude of engines and vehicle types – and we’re very well versed with fixing up even the most delicate of gearboxes. Here is where to get a transmission rebuild. As mentioned, we guarantee our work longer than anyone in the state.

Visit us or call us today: (602) 978-9201

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