Being new to Phoenix and not sure where to take my 2007 Honda Accord for transmission issues. I called a few Transmission shops. Pro tech Transmissions gave me the lowest quoted and best warranty. The office staff was very friendly and courtesy. My car is running much better and will recommend them to all my new friends in Phoenix…
~ Yesica

Took a drive out to visit my brother in Las Vegas and friend in Arizona with my 99 BWM. What a mistake that was. I ended up broke down on the side of the road calling around for the lowest price I could find to get her fixed. Fortunately, I found Pro-Tech Transmissions and I’m happy I did. Everyone was super helpful and answered my questions even though I had a million of them.

My beamer ended up getting fixed in time and within my budget. They even picked me up for free and gave me $100 coupon which is my main reason for leaving a review. It’s not everyday a company goes out of their way to help a customer save money so I thought I should show my appreciation to the crew over at Pro-Tech Transmissions.
~ Anoosh

I’ve had the pleasure to work with BiBi, Ray, and Jeff here at Pro-Tech Transmissions. Frankly, I’m impressed with how much experience they have collectively. I got to walk around the shop with them and talk extensively about their work. They demonstrated their knowledge of transmissions of many exotic cars, which they know so well because they’ve been working on transmissions for their whole lives.

Their warranty is the best in the entire state. I know… I’ve looked! They guarantee their work for 3 years or 36,000 miles. You can’t beat that! That’s how confident they are. And they’re very nice people, with more than just a lifetime of working on transmissions… they have a lifetime of working with people, too.

I’m glad I know them, and glad I’ve formed a lasting relationship with each of them. This shop is the highest quality transmission service I’ve ever been to. Thanks guys!
~ Drew

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