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Transmission Repair Services in Phoenix, AZ

We are transmissions experts.  And as such we offer the best warranty in the entire state.  Hands down.  At 3 years or 36,000 miles, we can’t be beat.  Just look around.

That’s how confident we are, backed with proof, that our rebuilds, repairs and services just.  Plain.  Work.

Pro-Tech Transmission Services

Transmission repair and rebuild aren’t all we do here…

Here’s a list of or superior services and specialties for your satisfaction.  Click on each service to get a more in depth look at what we do.

We also sell used and rebuilt parts.  We have plenty, so just ask!

And what kind of cars do we work on?  What sorts of transmissions can we handle?  Glad you asked.  We work on every single kind of transmission and car that exists!  See our exhaustive list here for more details.

And then we have minor auto repair services like:

  • Water pumps
  • Brakes
  • Alternators
  • Starters

We offer an instant $100 off major repairs with this coupon

And if you need free towing, we gotcha there too!

You can also bring your vehicle in for a free diagnostic. No strings attached.

We honor any extended warranties you may have on your vehicle.

And we serve the entire Phoenix Valley, so give us a call today!  And bring in your car to get it checked today. We’re your go-to transmission shop in Phoenix because we guarantee our work better than anyone around.

Give us a try:

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