Financing Your Transmission Repair Service

We offer transmission repair financing on purchases of $199 or more

If you want the best transmission warranty in Arizona, which is 3 years or 36,000 miles, come see us.

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We stand confidently by our work.  Call us today or bring in your vehicle for a 100% free diagnostic, no strings attached.

We’ll tow you here for free plus give you $100 off instantly.

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We’re partnered with Easy Pay Financing, and guess what…

No Credit Needed!

Pro-Tech Transmissions Phoenix and Easy Pay Finance

That’s how we can help you get your car running again.

We want your car to run super smooth again… and you want the same with as few hassles as possible.  That’s why we offer as much as we do… including financing for your transmission repairs.

Remember, we serve the entire Phoenix Valley and have — literally — the best warranty in the state of Arizona.

Let’s you get you rolling again…

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Financing Available

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